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"Sherie is and the Whole Mental Wellness team are amazing!!!

They really do take care of your whole wellness, not just the mental.

I am recommending WMW to everyone I know! " – DM

Sheri Ramsgard is very knowledgeable, professional, but warm, kind and caring at the same time. I'm sorry I waited so long to call and schedule an appointment. Her secretary is very nice and reassuring. The office is warm and comforting. I am definitely pleased with my experience! :)  KH



"Sherie is fantastic. She is always enthusiastic. I would honestly recommend her services to anyone who asked. " – CK

“Sherie is always professional, knowledgeable and gives the best guidance- she has a great understanding of your situation and helps you get through the tough spots with her hope, honesty, and kindness” – LD

“Sherie is a great therapist. She's not only a great listener,

but she provides excellent insight and feedback.

Her vast knowledge and understanding of all the antidepressants enable her to really dial into exactly what her patients need.” – AW

“My times with Sherie have all been worthwhile. I had major problems with my spouse, communication and loving. I was not loving my life.

With Sherie's help, discussion and drugs,

I feel as though I have my life back. I think my wife likes me now, too.” – PF

“Sherie is everything you could ever hope for in a health care provider- knowledgeable, thorough, an active listener, and willing to engage in a dialogue. I hope she never retires so I never have to replace her.” – ML

“Sherie Ramsgard is the best.

Without her, I wouldn't be the person I am today." – MM

"Sherie Ramsgard has helped me through thick and thin, and I would not be where I am today without her assistance. She is extremely informative, patient, and continually goes out of her way to help her patients. Highly recommended!" – LS

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