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Shirley Wells , M.S. / C.A.S.

Certified Life Coach / Mindfulness Coach  

specializing in clients/families w/ ADD/ADHD

Shirley Wells  was a professor at the State University of Oswego in the education department for ten years. 


Prior to that she worked as a special education teacher in a variety of settings.


Shirley has  led personal growth groups for the past 30 years.  These groups include: self-compassion, emotional eating; healing from grief and personal development.


Shirley competed a certification in life coaching with an emphasis on individuals with attention issues.  I also completed all course work toward a doctorate in counseling psychology.


I have actively pursued the practice of mindfulness for the past ten years.  In addition, I have led groups of others who are also pursuing this path.

"The first and

most important person

you must believe in

is yourself."

                                                            - Toni Sorenson