Lacey Roy-Ciciriello

Full Bodied Health.com

Lacey, Owner of Full Bodied Health, received her certificate for Holistic Nutrition from American Fitness Professionals and Associates. As an AADP Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Lacey’s passion to coach individuals through a significant health and life transformation shows through Full Bodied Health’s innovative ways to create lasting change. To refresh deep-rooted habits through nutrition and science while supporting clients each step of implementation.


Specializing in medical and mental health nutrition, Lacey has personal ties to the mental health community after being misdiagnosed Bipolar for over a decade. Look for Full Bodied Health’s events and Lacey’s speaking engagements to learn more about long-lasting change. Full Bodied Health, nutrition for the health you deserve!

“Eating to simply fuel a body is boring;

this is about nourishing, a delicious, soul-soothing change that starts with meals and flows through

emotions and habits.

This is Full Bodied Health.”